Friday, 23 March 2018

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An interesting new board game via Kickstarter...
The new and exciting Leodis Games Newsletter.

Introducing The Awful Orphanage!

Hi Guys is like to introduce you to my friend Paul, who wants to talk to you about something we’ve both been working on for quite a while now.
The Awful Orphanage is a mildly devious tabletop game for 2 to 6 players that puts you in control of a Victorian Orphan trying to escape the clutches of a murderous governess.

The game has been in development for the past 18 months and right now it's available to pre-order on Kickstarter!
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This truly has been a passion project, and one we approached Leodis Games about around 8 months ago. Since then we've really pushed the game to greater heights ... take a look at the miniatures included!
With 14 miniatures right out of the box, all mounted on 30mm round lipped bases!
Back the Game Now on Kickstarter!
Players create a unique Orphanage each time they play with corridor and room tiles
Back the Game Now on Kickstarter!
So, there we have it ... we'll keep it short! Thank you for taking a look and we hope you like what you see! The game is live now and available to pre-order!
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