Monday, 26 March 2018

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More filthy Xenos that need purging...makes a change from more guys in Power Armour though I suppose...
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The Necrons Awaken
Codex: Necrons is your guide to the ancient and terrifying legions of an elder alien race. Choose your dynasty, harness a range of advanced Stratagems and take advantage of improved rules for an array of units. 
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Start Collecting!
Start Your Dynasty 
Save money when you kick off your collection with this boxed set, featuring all the units you need to field a Patrol Detachment including a leader, troops and a powerful Doomsday Ark. 
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Manage Your Master Plans...
With easy-to-reference versions of your Stratagems and the powers of your C'tan, these datacards make planning new strategies on the fly simple.
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Necrons Codex
Your Cyber-enhanced Codex
Through the miracle of biotransference, we've made your codex available on your phone or tablet, complete with a range of digital only features like the interactive glossary. 
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Tomb Blades
Chase Down
Any Foe
Reduced in points and with the new Evasion Engrams ability, Tomb Blades are bolstered in the new Necrons codex and are the ideal harassment unit for your army.
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Canoptek Wraiths
Defend the
Tomb Worlds
Thanks to the new Necrons codex, you'll be able to squeeze even more Canoptek Wraiths into your army than before, while a range of Stratagems make them even deadlier. 
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Tesseract Vault
Unleash Ancient
Harness deadly new C'tan powers and destroy enemies with lethal tesla weapons with this Lord of War.

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Warhammer 40,000: Forgebane
With two armies in one box, rules and the exclusive Necron Cryptek with Canoptek cloak, Forgebane is perfect for Necron players – order your copy today.
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Malign Portents

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