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River Horse Games - Kickstarter News

More information on the latest board game adaptation from River Horse Games...

How To Play Pacific Rim: Extinction

Pacific Rim: Extinction has made its way into the hands of the fine folks at Geek and Sundry, who have produced this incredible How to Play video!
Notes that all materials used in this video are prototypes.
In this video, Becca Scott covers the core mechanics of the game, showcasing the miniatures, rules and victory conditions, in a heavy metal 6 minute blast. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

Becca will also be presenting a longer video on Thursday, which we'll share on Facebook - so don’t miss that!
Like what you see?
The easiest way to get started with Pacific Rim: Extinction is by pledging for the UPRISING £35 (approximately $48) pledge level.

This gets you the Pacific Rim: Extinction Core Set, which includes the fantastically detailed, painted Gipsy Avenger with Gravity Sling and Kaiju Shrikethornminiatures, standing at over 75mm tall, as well as all the rules, dice, cards, tokens, and terrain you need to play - which includes some fantastic stretch goal rewards!
Pacific Rim: Extinction Pledge Level - £65
For those of you who want more models and a free Gipsy Danger, we thoroughly recommend the EXTINCTION £65 (approximately $90) level, which not only includes the Pacific Rim: Extinction Core Set, but also Saber Athena, Hakuja AND a FREE Gipsy Danger expansion set - saving you £30 off the contents individually.

Studio Giraldez Paints Pacific Rim
We sent these prototype resin masters to Studio Giraldez to paint. In the photos you can see Gipsy Danger...
... and Slattern, who is our next stretch goal at £100,000. We cannot wait to see what Angel does with these!
Click the images to see a larger preview
Excited? Learn more about the game and pledge for your copy here on the Pacific Rim: Extinction Kickstarter page. The campaign closes April 4!
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